Barn Jazz, Vol. 1

“Barn Jazz may be the eclectic “Sergeant Pepper’s of Oracle Ridge and the Transition Zone. It is certainly original and expansive in concept and scope, light and airy, nicely recorded and performed”

Drew Signor
Arizona author, composer, and musician, “This Gloryland” book and CD

“Put on your headphones and let your imagination soar.
With Barn Jazz, Diamond Jim Hewitt takes us on a magical musical journey. One’s mind instantly begins to develop scenery and characters to fit the widely varied pieces. Musicianship and composition is original and entertaining. Hewitt has delivered a very impressive solo debut. “

Laurie Starr
DJ, KXCI-FM-Tucson

“As a DJ and Musicologist I listen to a lot of music throughout the day and Diamond Jim Hewitt’s “Barn Jazz” immediately caught my attention. His fiddle playing has that eerie quality of being “Old-Timey” and thoroughly modern at the same time. In other words Jim’s music is ‘Time-less’. A rare quality indeed.”

Kidd Squidd
DJ, KXCI-FM-Tucson

“Diamond Jim Hewitt’s “Barn Jazz” is down-home sophistication, combining elements of jazz, Celtic and hoe-down into one sweet and sassy mix. The violin virtuoso goes back to the farm.”

Cactus Cathy
DJ, KXCI-FM-Tucson

“Kicking back and listening to the masterfully intelligent vibes of barn jazz, one can fathom an artful edginess that mingles with a homespun yarn. I can hear it now — being played in discriminate cafes from NYC to Nashville — and well beyond….”

Liz Richards
Tucson Photographer

“CD sounds great!”

Mark Wood
2002 Emmy Award-Winning composer, rock violinist

“Thanks a lot for the CD Barn Jazz you sent to me. I like it and I think the concept barn in jazz is pretty nice. I guess you had a lot of fun recording it. I can see the barns in a wide country.”

Joerg Widmoser
Jazz Violinist with the Modern String Quartet, Munich, Germany

The Tortolita Gut Pluckers – Wanted! Road Kill Stew

July 28, 2003 – “…roadhouse music at it’s best“:
( Review from The Music Korner web site) 
“Tortolita Gut Pluckers – Wanted! Road Kill Stew
While Wanted! Road Kill Stew is the debut from Tucson’s Tortolita Gut Pluckers, according to the liner notes these guys have been together for over 25 years. Recorded live in the studio this 6-piece throws together elements of old-time mountain music, bluegrass and country into a loose sounding collection that sounds like you just stepped into a roadhouse on a Saturday night. Comprised largely of traditional tunes and covers like “Boil That Cabbage Down”, “Ghost Riders In The Sky”, “When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder”, “Froggy Went A-Courting”and “Orange Blossom Special” is Roadhouse music at it’s best.” – Geoff Melton

The Gut Pluckers listed as an “example of genre” for bluegrass music on the Washtub Bass web page.
Hey Dave, it was just a matter of time….. Check out .

“What a GREAT version! [of Ghost Riders in the Sky] Who says you aren’t ready for prime-time?” Bob Tykulsker, GRITS web site (email 03/20/2001) “Ghost Riders” is available for download as an MP3 file. Bob has compiled a web site with every version of Ghost Riders he can find, including ours. Check it out

“Thanks for sending me your cd. Great stuff for my program.
Greetings from, BRTO Radio,Alex Pijnen,Holland “
 (Email 12/01/2000)