New Studio Completed

Barn Jazz Productions is proud to announce that our new recording studio is open for business! All the hard work of wiring, construction, acoustic treatment, and configuration of gear took some time but the wait was worth it. Here is a photo of the new space. We now have room for an entire band, a luxury that we did not have in our prior space. If you would like to book some time please send me a message using our Contact Page and I will get back to you promptly. Here are some before and after photos.


  1. Renee Arner says:

    Hey Jim,
    I’m Clare, the cellist, who lives with Renee, and this message is from both of us. We are in the process of getting the tune “The Night of the Dancing Vegetables” played on a radio station in Philly, WXPN, to help promote your CD. We downloaded it from Amazon – its a great tune, we love it! Let us know if you’d like to send a sample CD to Chuck Elliott, the DJ who does the “Sleepy Hollow” show on Saturday mornings, and sometimes fills in for Gene Shay, who does a folk music show afternoons/evenings. It has a wide listening audience in the area.
    Also, if you’d to know more about the Old Songs Festival, go to the website, to learn more about it. Great fest!
    We are interested in playing “First Waltz with You” in our local pickup dance band, SPUDS. Everyone will love it. If you don’t mind, please attach a copy of it to an email, since Renee can’t locate her copy. We’d prefer a paper copy if possible sent to our address: Renee Arner, 301B Shawmont Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19128.
    You are welcome to stay with us, any time you are in Philadelphia. Lots of fun jams, etc. Hope to see you at Old Songs.
    In harmony,
    Renee & Clare

    • diamondjim says:

      Wow that is great! I will send you a copy to give to Chuck as well as copies of First Waltz With You. Good hearing from both of you.

      To anyone reading this, Renee Arner is the harper whom I recorded a wonderful CD called “Banish Misfortune”, a collection of Celtic and original tunes that has sold well in her area of Philadelphia. If anyone wants a copy they can leave me a message so I can get it out to Renee.

      • Liz Nussear says:

        I went to school and rode the school bus with Renee and her sister. I would love a CD of her music. I plan on seeing her in March at the Norristown Farm Park.

  2. Liz Nussear says:

    I went to school and rode the school bus with Renee and her late sister, Lori. Many giggles on the school bus. I am interested in purchasing her CD of her harp music. I also look forward to seeing her in March at the Norristown Farm Park sharing her gift of music.

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