Studio Services Rates

Purchase Studio Time
Our normal studio rate is $45.00 per hour. You may purchase blocks of time using the PayPal button above, using any credit card or a PayPal account. Note that you will be purchasing from Hewitt Consulting Enterprises, LLC, our legal entity for Since projects vary widely in the number of hours required, Email me to let me know what  you want to accomplish, and I can make it work within your budget.  I give every project that I take on my full attention and strive to provide the best possible product for my clients.
  • In-studio recording – $45.00/hr
  • Audio Mixing and Demo Mastering – $45.00/hr
  • Studio Quality On-Location Recording – $50.00 per hour, plus venue expenses, and transportation expenses for locations more than 1 hour distant from home base. Typically this will be a live room such as a church or venue where a larger space is needed.
  • Live Sound Location Recording – $150.00 minimum per gig, plus transportation and expenses for locations more than 1 hour distant from home base. While we generally do not provide full live sound for bands we do have small venue capability. We can record your band or group during your live gig using someone else’s sound setup, provided it is available and suitable. Price negotiable depending on circumstances.
  • Clients receive two final master CD copies per demo mastering project on high quality Taiyo-Yuden or similar media. Additional copies with color printed labels, $5.00 each. Audition mix CD’s provided at one copy per session mix, extra copies $5.00 each. WAV and mp3 files of your project final mixes will be provided if requested on custom flash drives (1 flash drive per project) and/or delivered via secure file transfer.
  • CD/DVD Design layout services – $50.00/hr or fixed rate of $200.00 per CD project, client provides photos, artwork logos, and suggested text as required.
  • DVD Video post-production – $50.00/hour, Adobe Premier Pro. Client receives one copy in DVD format, plus a Youtube/Vimeo compatible compressed video file on custom flash drive.
  • Tape transfers, $25.00 and up per tape, depending on cleanup required.
  • Vinyl transfers, $25.00 and up per record, depending on cleanup required.
  • Violin and mandolin private lessons: $35.00/ hr. in studio. Reduced small group rates also available, please inquire as it will vary depending on the number of students sharing studio time.