We treat our clients with the same love and respect that we would hope to get from other studios and musicians.  Our goal is to produce the highest quality product, to help you be proud of your work and appreciative of our efforts in doing so.

Our commitment is to be an effective partner in your musical journey.

“My producer Jim Hewitt is in a genius class all by himself. He has the ability to bring forth the best in me as a musician, and is extremely gifted and professional as a producer, multi-instrumentalist and sound artist. As a result my CD “Banish Misfortune ” is enjoyed immensely the world over. He utilizes balanced judgement and sensitive insight on every track to ensure the best possible sound. He is also very laid back and extremely easy to work with. Recording with him puts me greatly at ease. Working with Jim is both an honor and pleasure beyond words. I highly recommend him for anyone who truly values his or her musical works……he will do them unimaginable justice.”   –  Renee Arner, Celtic Harper and Composer

I just want today thank you again for your work on my CD.  All of your contributions from your playing, mixing and your part in creating the case.  I really appreciate it.  Your very good at what you do.”  – Tammie Martin, singer/songwriter, Grand Junction, CO.

Projects listed here are music CD’s unless otherwise noted, more or less in order starting with the most recent.

Daiyon (2021)

  • Various rap and hip hop recording projects
“Diamond Jim” Hewitt (2019)
  • Rivers of the Land, original acoustic music, and acoustic/electronica, CD.

Phil Maffetone (2019)

  • Best of Phil Maffetone (Digital, compilation, mastering)

Tammie Martin (2018)

  • Hidden Canyon CD project (mixing)

Ruby McCall (2016-2017)

  • Various recordings for this versatile Grand Junction composer and pianist
  • When Rivers Meet (CD)
“Diamond Jim” Hewitt (2016)
  • Barn Jazz Vol. 3, Hi Fiddility, original acoustic music, bluegrass and acoustic/electronica, CD

Loose Cannon Band (2016)

  • Band’s first Demo CD

Landslide (2016)

  • Landslide, the band’s first Demo CD

Daiyon (2015)

  • Up and coming rapper with ties to Chicago, Las Vegas, and LA, recorded vocals for new album
“Diamond Jim” Hewitt (2015)
  • Rivers of the Sky, original electronica CD

Caitlin McMillan  (2015)

  • Vagabond (CD), original songs, singer/songwriter from Los Angeles

Bob Delavan, Incoming Rotary District 5370 President (2015)

  • Podcast of speech to be given at his induction

The Instagators (2014-2015)

  • Rock and roll and Country, Endangered Species CD

Mesa Land Trust (2014)

  • The Bookends Project, a promotional video for fundraising for a western Colorado non-profit (2014).

Bone Tree

  • Bluegrass group from the Whitewater/Unaweep Canyon area, demo CD (2013)

Tammie Martin (2013)

  • Grand Junction folk singer-songwriter demo CD  (2013)

Joe Trejo

  • Canciones para Sonora (CD)  (2013)

“Diamond Jim” Hewitt

  • Barn Jazz Vol. 2 – The Night of the Dancing Vegetables (CD)  (2012)

Tucson Chamber Artists

  • various podcast telephone interviews for upcoming concerts (2012-2013)
Catalina Rotary (Tucson) 
  • Passing the Gavel (video podcast)  (2012)

Phil Maffetone and Coralee Thompson

  • Living on a Dead End Road (CD) (2012)
  • Nashville Bootleg (CD) (2012)

Nay Arner

  • Banish Misfortune  (Celtic harp) (CD)  (2011)
  • King of the Hill (music video), restored footage from 1980’s  (2012)
Broken Chair Band
  • A Harder Place to Leave (CD), country-western and folk   (2011)
  • Welcome to the Night (radio play on heavy metal CD)  (2010)
Copper Corridor Economic Development Coalition

  • Discover the Copper Corridor (award-winning video pod-cast for non-profit group)  (2010)

Freddie Terry

  • Everybody, Three Dollar Town (CD Single)
  • Canciones de Alfredo – 1989  (CD single)
  • Thankful (CD single)

Nick Busch (Tortolita Gutpluckers)

  • Teach Me to Forget (old time folk, CD)  (2010)
  • Any Old Time (old time folk, CD)  (2008)
Los Romanticos
  • Recuerdos de “Louie Casillas”  (CD single)   (2009)
Lane Johnson
  • I’m An Old Horned Toad (audio CD for book)  (2012)

Strings and Ivory

  • Waiting for Snow (CD)  (2010)
  • Alive Alive-O! (live concert recording, CD)  (2010)
daniel Rize
  • daniel Rize (original indie folk, CD)  (2011)
Kartchner Caverns State Park
  • Interview with the Bat (educational podcast for the park)

David Reece

  • Tai Chi – A Form of Moving Meditation (educational DVD)  (2008)

 Body Heart Fitness

  • Get Fit and Fabulous Fast (educational DVD)  (2009)
“Diamond Jim” Hewitt
  • Barn Jazz Vol. 1 (CD)  (2003)
  • Barn Jazz Vol. 2 – The Night of the Dancing Vegetables (CD)  (2012)
  • Barn Jazz Live (live concert recording, CD)  (2005)
  • Standing Stones of Beara (CD)  (2007)
Fiesta de las Calabazas (Oracle State Park – live festival recordings)
  • Music from the 4th Annual Fiesta de las Calabazas (CD)
  • Music from the 5th Annual Fiesta de las Calabazas (CD)
  • Music from the 6th Annual Fiesta de las Calabazas (CD)
  • Best of Music from the  Fiesta de las Calabazas 2003-2006 (CD)

Chuck Fritts

  • Demo


  • Demo

Scott McMullen

  • Demo
Drew Signor
  • Demo