Music CD’s

Barn Jazz Store

Sorry folks, CD Baby shut down their music store in 2020, so the links no longer work, although you can find many of the below albums or single tracks on Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, etc. See below for purchasing instructions.

Aside from the above I have remaining inventory for my very first album playing for Terry Pollock and Thunderhead North (1993), an out of print classic with some excellent song writing, plus an excellent live performance of the Barn Jazz Trio (Barn Jazz Live) featuring myself, Evan Dain (bass), Mark Robertson-Tessi (mandolin), and the inimitable Slim Edelman.

A few copies remain of the Nick Busch trad. folk CD’s (Any Old Time, Teach Me To Forget) and Strings and Ivory (Celtic) live and studio CD (Judy Francis (piano), Elena Martin (flute), Nay Arner (Irish harp), and myself on fiddle and mandolin).

Also available are the various Fiesta de las Calabazas CD’s (Oracle AZ festival performances from the early 2005-2008 era) with some great live recordings of national and local singer song-writers and some Southern Arizona favorites, featuring:

Rod Mac Donald
Thea and The Green Man
The Carnivaleros
Greg Morton Trio
Freddie Terry

Conjunto Nopal
Crystal Ridge
4 Corners
Ismael Barajas
The Rolland Family Show
Jose “Pepo” Saavedra”
Zephyr Strings
Porchlights String Band

I will be working on a new music pay site, but in the meantime if you want an actual physical copy of any of the above (since streaming sucks and does not pay the artist diddly), please send me a request via the contact form, and I will get in touch. All of the above titles are available for $10.00 – $15.00 each plus $2.50 shipping.  -Diamond Jim