Barn Jazz Productions, LLC offers full-service audio production including:

  1. Music recording for singer song-writers, bands, vocalists and vocal ensembles; both in the studio or on location.
  2. Mixing and mastering for your song and instrumental tracks and other audio productions
  3. Spoken word and telephone interview recording for use in podcasts, commercials, etc.
  4. CD packaging design and layout for manufacturing
  5. Original music composition and music beds for film, TV, commercials, presentations

Recording Services

  • In-studio instrumental and vocal recording and overdubs using quality, professional analog and digital equipment using world class microphones
  • Jim Hewitt is also a multi-instrumentalist who has provided clients with instrumental overdubs on fiddle, electric violin, mandolin, mandola, rhythm guitar, mando-cello, electric bass, and keys.
  • Spoken Word recording for audio or video presentations, pod-casts, etc. Samples are available.
  • Telephone interviews – we provide the talent (Lynn has a lovely voice and personality for this kind of work), and Jim will record and mix the interview suitable for posting on your web site. We have done many interviews for our clients.
  • Mixing and editing of your previously recorded music or other audio or music video project to produce a professional master CD,  DVD, and digital media (mp3, AAC+, H4a, mp4, etc.)
  • One rough mix copy per session for review, two final masters upon project completion, both on CD and in digital DDP format for uploading to the disc manufacturer. 
  • MP3 copies of selected clips for uploading to your web site are included in the hourly studio rate. In addition, at the conclusion of your project you will receive all music tracks and stems on USB flash drive media if requested.

CD Mastering and Manufacturing Services

We can master your audio production .wav files using state of the art analog equipment and digital plug-ins. Final production copies of CD masters are delivered on high quality Tayo Yuden or similar media, verified with PlexTools Pro.

We work with Discmakers on a regular basis for manufacturing of everything from small, short-run CD or DVD copies to full replicated full color jewel cases or other packaging (jackets, eco-wallets, etc.).

We also do CD design and layout using Adobe InDesign and Photoshop and Discmaker’s templates. Discmakers manufacturing  costs vary depending on the number of CD or DVD copies required, and start at about $300 per 100.  Shorter runs are available for less; however, the per unit cost increases with smaller numbers.

Packages include color printing on CD insert, tray card, and disc labels, and optionally can include shrink wrap  and bar-code for a small charge to make your product retail ready.  Optional full digital distribution packages for CD Baby, Spotify, etc. are also available at low cost when manufacturing  your CD with Discmakers.

We will utilize your photos or artwork and text (where possible and available), or provide a custom design solution. See Design Samples page for examples of our design work.

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Disclaimer Regarding Mastering Services – Jim Hewitt is not a full-time mastering engineer.  Audio mastering is something of an esoteric art that requires many years of devotion and specialization. If you require full, professional mastering services we can recommend any number of good M.E.’s who will gladly perform this service for a suitable fee.  Mastering fees generally run about $50 – $100 per track depending on the mastering house.

For demos and personal projects Jim is perfectly capable of producing great sounding tracks, using both digital plugins and outboard analog equipment. We provide this service as an alternative for those not wishing to spend the additional money that a full mastering job requires. We do recommend that if you are producing more than a few hundred copies, and especially if you are producing for a major or indie label, that you let us do the mix, and then let us quote you a price for outside mastering services.

Tape and Vinyl Transfers

  • Tape Transfer to CD or digital files from 1/4″ reel-to-reel tape, 3.75 to 15 IPS tape speeds, and cassette tape, approximately $25.00 per CD depending on number of tracks. Custom quotes available.
  • Tape Transfer to CD or digital files from 1″ 8-track reel-to-reel tape, 15 or 30 IPS tape speeds, custom quotes available.
  • Vinyl and cassette – Convert your old gems into CD quality. Noise reduction, hiss, pop, and crackle reduction services available. Approximately $25.00-$50.00 per album, depending on the cleanup required. Finished product includes one CD with color scan of a portion of the vinyl album artwork, if available, plus track list in a jewel case.  Vinyl album must be playable without major skips. Cassette tape restoration subject to the quality of the original, assuming no major physical or magnetic damage.

Disclaimer Regarding Tape and Vinyl Transfers – Copyrighted material may be transferred for the personal use of the owner of the source material. If you or someone you know owns an album, we can transfer it but only for your or their personal use.  We do not provide copies intended for resale or file sharing.

Video Projects

We can produce your video or slide-show projects for web or DVD that  include music or narration audio (we can compose background tracks if desired).   One of our projects, Discover the Copper Corridor won an Impact award from the Public Relations Society of America, Southern Arizona Chapter in 2010. 

We will use your pre-recorded, un-edited footage, or we can contract with a professional videographer to record the footage for you.  We use Adobe Premier Pro for post-production. The finished product is a DVD, and/or digital files suitable for Youtube, Vimeo, etc.  See our sample video pod-casts at Vimeo.

Original Compositions

Jim Hewitt has composed and recorded many original instrumental tracks suitable for use in film, TV, video presentations, etc. He can provide you with a custom composition (you have lyrics or a video but need some music to go with it) for a reasonable fee (negotiable depending on the project scope and style).

Live Location Recording

We have done live location recording for small venues and festivals, beginning with the Fiesta de las Calabazas in Oracle, Arizona in 2003. There is an extra charge for travel costs outside greater Grand Junction area. We use quality analog and digital recording equipment and techniques to produce your master media. Mastering and audio CD production costs are not included in the recording price (add $45.00 per hour for mixing/mastering).

Violin Lessons

Before moving to Colorado, Jim taught violin for several years at Central Arizona College, as well as for middle school students at Sierra Oaks charter school in Oracle, AZ. Private lessons are available in the studio tailored to your needs and skill level. Offerings include beginning violin, mandolin, fiddle-style, Irish, swing, and general improvisation. Lessons are $35.00 per hour (in Grand Junction, CO or vicinity; add $20.00 for travel outside Mesa County).  Bring your own instrument or we can recommend inexpensive local rentals.